Grandma Was Right - Apple Cider Vinegar Clears Acne

When you think of apple cider vinegar, you do not usually think of acne! However, many acne sufferers have found that apple cider vinegar is actually a really good natural, home treatment for their problem and there are a number of reasons for this.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar is good for Acne

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Apple cider vinegar is known to improve the function of your liver, kidneys and bladder and that in turn helps to keep the body detoxified. When you think that acne is a problem which is often caused by the toxins within the body and the pores becoming blocked, it is not hard to see why apple cider vinegar might be able to help.

Grandma Was Right - Apple Cider Vinegar Clears Acne

Apple cider vinegar is also packed full of vitamins which help to keep the body healthy and this is another reason why it is so good for you. So just how do you take apple cider vinegar?

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

There are a number of ways in which you can take apple cider vinegar and the main one is to drink it. Now it can be fairly nasty if you drink it on its own so many people prefer to mix it with a drink. Mixing it with honey and green tea which is also excellent for acne problems, you should start by drinking it once per day.

Some people swear by drinking three lots of apple cider vinegar every day and applying it directly to the acne once per day. This is obviously a lot of hassle but the people who have tried it have said how well it actually works. The apple cider vinegar which is applied directly to the problem is said to dry up the pimples and they start to disappear over a short period of time. However, drinking the apple cider vinegar alone is the best option as it works perfectly fine in its own time without you needing to apply it directly onto the skin.

The trouble also with applying apple cider vinegar directly to the face, is that it could easily dry it out and leave you with dry skin as well as acne. So always stick to drinking the vinegar and you should really start to notice changes in your skin within three weeks.

Organic Versus Ordinary Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to purchasing apple cider vinegar, it would be a good idea to purchase organic over ordinary. This is because whilst it may be more expensive, organic apple cider vinegar is a lot better for the skin as it contains only natural ingredients. Ordinary apple cider vinegar on the other hand, contains quite a lot of chemicals which can harm the skin.

Obviously you do not want to risk harming the skin, as that could in turn inflame your acne problem. So sticking to organic would be simpler all around.

Overall apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural treatment for acne, though not many people have heard of it. Simply add a tablespoon of the vinegar into your morning and evening routine and you should start to notice results within three weeks.

Grandma Was Right - Apple Cider Vinegar Clears Acne

Using apple cider vinegar is just one of many ways you can get rid of acne. To get more tips on what really works go to my get rid of acne blog where you'll get all kinds of free advice for getting rid acne.