Diabetes Control and Healthy Life

There are effective ways to control Diabetes and lead a very healthy life- Only that it requires consistent discipline in weight management, dietary control,providing nutrition and supplements, regular exercise schedules. We shall now see the options/tips for controlling this disease.

Minerals and Vitamins:

\"Fish Liver Oil\"


It has been demonstrated that diabetics with the lowest magnesium levels had the most severe retinopathy, and that low magnesium levels were linked significantly to retinopathy more than any other factor. Elevating the magnesium concentration with supplements would protect the eyes.


High potassium intake is associated with a lower risk of developing type II diabetes.Besides, Potassium is a great help in controlling other complications due Diabetes.


vitamin D is essential for the islet cells in the pancreas to be able to secrete insulin properly. studies have shown that individuals with the low vitamin D levels experienced the worst blood sugar-handling problems and had a greater risk of developing diabetes.

Vitamin- 'A', E and 'C'

Research Studies reveal that the diabetic is unable to convert carotene into vitamin A. It is advised for the diabetic to consume the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin A from a non-carotene source such as fish-liver oil. Diabetics and others on low-fat diets often need supplemental amounts of this fat-soluble nutrient.

Also recommended is a vitamin E supplement, ranging from 400-1200 IU per day and a vitamin C supplement ranging from 1000-4000 mg per day to help prevent small vessel disease of the extremities.

Some tips to control diabetes / high blood sugar:

1. Change the dietary habits to reduce intake of sugar and increase the intake of fibre and vitamins.

2. Enough physical exercise which must include fast walking, at-least for 45 minutes.

3. Keep emotions under check and avoid mental tension and worries to the maximum extent possible.

4. Divide the intake of food into smaller portions at regular intervals.

5. Avoid intake of excess salt, which increases blood pressure and aggravates the problems of diabetes.

6. Consumption of food containing magnesium help in production of natural insulin.

7. Other nutrients: Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C are good in controlling blood sugar.

8. Consumption of fenugreek with milk reduces blood sugar and controls diabetes.

9. Consumption of Jamun fruit,(containing gallic acid ) and powdered jamun seeds, reduces blood sugar levels and help in controlling diabetes.

10.Include Garlic in your daily food.

Diabetes Control and Healthy Life

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