A Review of the Birth Control Patch

The birth control patch is becoming increasingly more popular with many women.

The birth control patch is a thin square patch that is adhered to the skin, it's very much resembles a common, everyday Band-Aid. It is adhered to the skin for one week and then discarded and replaced with a new one. Also, the birth control patch should be placed on another part of your skin, and not where it was before. This is done for a period of three weeks. The patch is not used on the fourth week as the woman has her period.

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The birth control patch is very similar to birth control pills in that it contains hormones. The hormones are absorbed through the skin's epidermis and is absorbed into the blood stream. The purpose of the hormones is to regulate the reproductive system so that ovulation doesn't occur.

A Review of the Birth Control Patch

There are valid concerns about the birth control patch coming off while bathing or taking a swim. The patch is actually designed to be worn full-time even during activities where the body is wet or exerted. The manufacturers most certainly have taken this into account.

If the patch should ever happen to fall off then referred to the instructions that came with the medication. It will guide you and want the best course is to take, but understand that while it is off you are not under birth control.

The birth control patch is not a method of treating or preventing sexually transmitted diseases. It has one function and that is to stop pregnancy from happening. Abstinence and condoms are the only ways to effectively avoid STDs.

You should be aware that there are usually side effects involved in with contraception that transmits hormones. The birth control patch is no exception. A few of the side effects that can be expected may include weight gain, spotting in between periods, headaches and nausea. The birth control patch can also cause a small rash where it is placed on the skin. It really shouldn't be that big a deal other than perhaps being a little bit itchy. If you should experience and the side effects that concern you, then by all means consult your doctor immediately.

The birth control patch is a proven safe form of contraceptive, yet it isn't for everyone. When you do decide to talk to your doctor about birth control ask him or her what their opinion is on the birth control patch. Your doctor will be able to tell you, based on information that you give him what your best options are.

A Review of the Birth Control Patch

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